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Come - sure I'll come
Sit pretty Baron...Good boy!!!
Hey bro
I'm willing and able!!!
Hi, my name is Ana
Here I am
VA1 Titan vom Mittelwest
Did I really do something wrong?
Mama I can't see you
I am soooooo comfortable
It's okay Mama
You caught me!
Hey...Who are you? Baron  Oh so cute
Odin II vom Mittlewest
Ahh Fresh Air
Really ... I'm not on the couch
Such a cute little guy
Yes I'm comfortable...Why?
Not a care in the world
Merry Christmas
This snow is cool
This is my corner
Who goes there
Play Ball
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Wanna Play?
Titan vom Mittelwest1
I smell mama
My ears work really good
Sumthin smells good
Me and my best friend
Here...Take a picture of ME!!!
Yess Edd iss spelledd withh 2 D'ss
We three kings... Me and my bro