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Some testimonials we received over our years of breeding German Shepherd puppies


Ned this puppy is awesome!! We named her Rae. She has been fitting in with the other two dogs very well. We are very happy!! She knows many commands already. We will send more as she grows.



She is growing at an incredible rate. So smart we have her house broken and she rings a bell to go outside. Also she is very calm. Well for a puppy. Her ears are on the rise. Soon she might be able to fly away with them. She is great. We are excited to have such a smart puppy!!


Hey ! Wanted to send an email with an update on red aka chozo. He's doing awesome! ! So smart and loves his new family.  He gets along with everyone and he won't nip back if our other dogs have an argument, he just goes right up to them and kisses them. Of course he is still in that puppy stage so he's learning right from wrong and the other dogs are helping him. He knows sit,  come,  and the doggy door to go to the bathroom.  Ears are up now and he's getting tall! Vet says he's healthy and doing great!  Thanks again for everything.  He's a huge part of our family.  I've attached some pictures for you:) the last one with them walking was when we first got him.  Hope  all is well! !
Kristen Brown

Hi Ned!

Quick Leo update:
He's hands down the best puppy we've ever been around with! He's extremely smart and already mastered the potty training AND sleeps all night (we've never had a sleepless night actually). He's very sweet with children and gets along with every dog that comes around him. He comes to work with me everyday and hangs out by my desk and only leaves when I leave. All of coworkers and family praise him on a daily basis for being "the best puppy ever". He's extremely social with every animal he's come to contact with except pigeons haha he doesn't understand why they can fly away from him.

We love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow! The vet also praised you for feeding him Fromms and we have continued to feed him that along with blue buffalo training treats. I mean.... I really don't know how to praise Leo enough. He's hands down PERFECT!

Thank you!!!!!!
Ana and Amel

Hey Ned!

Leo is doing great and you will see him in stores near you :D
Leo got picked to be the lead large breed dog for Companion Dog Food. His photo shoot is actually tomorrow and Friday. He's fed Holistic Select now because Fromms gave him the poops... Other than that he's spoiled as spoiled could be. My husband takes him on a 3 mile hike every day after work and on the weekends we usually like to go together. He's OBSESSED with the tennis ball and is always looking for a tree branch to carry around.
He's a perfect little stinker!

Thank you!
Im trying to talk my husband into getting him a brother but thats a long
shot :D


Hi Ned
The pup is doing great, we love him so much that we let him sleep with us. 
Oh it will be just for a little time just so he can adjust with us. We 
also have our female Babette that is with him a lot and gently play  with  toys
by letting him chasing her.  She love him to death, so  is the pup.
Thanks so much for the pictures of the pup parent.  We are  looking for a
pup name today.      Denise


It was nice meeting you as well, and I am very very happy with Bailey! She is good at potty training, only had a couple accidents, sleeps well in her crate, and has plenty of toys she plays with! Has my mom sent some of the pictures she took to you? And yes, I would be willing to keep in touch with her litter mates, that'd be very nice. Her vet appointment is early this week, and we plan on getting a permit to go to the local dog park here. I couldn't have gotten a better dog, and I'm very happy I found her! You did a great job raising her, and I'm excited for the years to come I get to spend with her.

Thank you,

Just wanted to give you an update on how he's doing. I guess it could be luck up to this point, but I think he's actually house broken. Not only that, he even scratches at the door and wines to let me know he has to go(theres only been one big accident and it was my fault because I was sleeping). He learns faster than any pup I've seen; I've taught him to sit, and lie down( hes clumsy so the lying down is usually a fall). He wines as you said like hes being skinned alive when i put him in his crate at night, but it will stop after some time and I've been sleeping with his crate near my bed so it really has been easy so far( knock on wood). I think he'll be an excellent watch/guard dog. I was just out with him, and someone was walking their Doberman, and he took a stance like he was a full grown shepherd and started letting out some deep barks for an 8 week old pup. It had us both laughing, it was definitely something to see. The only thing he's chewed up so far is a poster from a Ben Harper Concert, so my friend said it's a clear sign to name him Ben, but I'm still thinking it over for him.  I got everything and the dewormer for the 23rd, thanks alot and I will shoot you some pics when I get a chance. Josh

Hey Ned, Ben and I are doing great, he's already got himself adjusted to my routine and schedule( smartest puppy I've ever had, by far). I've also never had a puppy that's protective and  this intuitive either.  I've been taking him on long walks every night to get him well adjusted and socialized with strangers/joggers etc. He's outgoing and affectionate to people I stop and say hello to and I'm welcoming to, yet if I don't approach the person or the person seems unapproachable, Ben immediately becomes alert and is fixed on them.


Thank you so much! Mercy is so wonderful. She is very calm and socializing her with another dog was phenomenal. I am not disappointed at all! At first when she was on the leash, she was very hesitant to even walk towards us. But she eventually got more comfortable with us! She is doing great, loves her dog cage. (new 42" wire) she was whining a bit. But she got used to it.
Also what times throught the day does she needs to go potty? I want to thank you again, Mercy is Outstanding!


Hi Ned,

We are enjoying the puppy very much. He was great on the trip home last night. He is very well behaved and good with our cats, and he definitely loves to sleep. We named him Oliver (Ollie for short). We already had that name picked out, but forgot to tell you.  We would also be more than glad to keep you updated with his condition and photos.
Travis and Sam

Puppy Update!
We figured you would want to see an updated photo of Ollie ("Blue").  He is honestly everything we wanted in a dog.  He is very intelligent and obedient.  We taught him already how to come here, sit, shake, lie down, and stay.  This past weekend we weighed him and he is about 27 pounds--so he is growing very fast.  All in all we just wanted to update you and thank you for everything! 
-Samantha and Travis


Ollie (little blue)

Hi Ned!

Thanks again for meeting me last weekend to bring me this adorable pup. He's incredible! Really having fun with him. He knows to potty outside, but he's still going in the house quite a bit because I believe we're leaving him out of his crate too long in between. But we'll get there! He already knows how to come, sit and I'm teaching him the down command now. He's getting that one too.

Did you by chance get anymore emails from parents interested in exchanging puppy photos and keeping up with the fellow parents? I'd love to have them if you do. It could be so much fun!

Hes playing with his cousin dog, (my sisters German shepherd), all this weekend and having a blast.

Again thanks for bringing him to me and for raising him as a newborn!




Hi Ned, 
Sorry I didn't get back to you quicker, we had a death in the family  and had to travel to Ohio for the funeral. 
Lisa and Chris picked up the puppies and kept "RUBY" for us till we got back last night.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for a beautiful,  alert, and perfect puppy!  If you need any testimonials for your  breeding or your professionalism, I will gladly give them!
Thanks again for all of your help and advise.
Art and Valeria Griffin


Hi Ned,
Just wanted to let you know that we got home safe yesterday and Sadie is doing an excellent job adjusting to her new home. She is enjoying her now toys and swimming pool and took a long puppy nap yesterday. Thanks for everything she is the best puppy ever!

1 year later...

Sadie is the love of my life! She is such a great dog who brings such joy to my life! Sadie loves to play in the backyard, go for walks, and loves playing with other dogs.  She has a very sweet disposition and is full of puppy energy. Sadie truly has become one of the family and has a special place in my heart.


Sidney is sooooo smart and soooo sweet and soooo pretty. She's already
taken to our older shepherd, me, my son, husband and 90 year old father and
the 8 year old twins next door. She's a keeper. Thanks so much.

Hello Ned,

Got the pup! We named her Tessa. She was very calm and relaxed when we picked her up at the airport.  Did not seem to be traumatized at all.  Came out of the cage with no difficulty.  Training is going great, she has had no more piddle accidents inside this week anymore.  She can do sit, stay, leave it, usually stays in the areas she's alloud  - not on the carpet!  Just as a little kid, she does like to test the waters every once in a while, but being firm and consistent is paying off!  Thanks again for a great dog.  We love her as part of our family. 
Here are a couple of pictures of her.  Have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year.

John, Clara, and kids.


Hey Ned,

Things are great with Neko and he is a amazing part if the family. I will send you some pictures of him and the family. Hope all is well and we will be looking to add to the family in the near future.



Hi Ned,

I want you to know that Al is a home run.  Actually, a grand slam.  He is everything I could have ever ordered.  He is smart, playful and just the greatest companion.  We are enjoying him thoroughly.  He was at the vet yesterday and the little porker is at 12 lb. 3 oz.  He enjoys eating, but he is not overweight as you can see his ribs a little bit.  I will get you pics at some point in time.  It is just a little nuts right now.  I keep snapping them so I will have some to share.  Thank you for picking Al for us as you could not have done any better.



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